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    Ameriphone VCO (Voice Carry Over) Telephone

    Price:  $179.95

    The Ameriphone VCO, by Clarity, is designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing people who wish to use their voice to speak on the phone. It is ideal for use in homes and offices.
    • Adjustable volume control lets you select the loudness to suit your hearing and your preference, increase incoming sound up to 26 decibels.
    • Adjustable tone control (600-2400Hz)
    • Built-in text answering machine
    • Supports normal TTY communication (45.5 and 50 baud)
    • Visual ring indicator
    • Hearing Aid T-Coil compatible handset
    • Can also be used as a standard amplified telephone
    • Programmable emergency button transmits user's name, address and phone number in text for quick response by emergency services
    • Advanced electronic design minimizes background noise and further enhances speech clarity so that all words can be heard clearly
    • Bright visual ring flasher and extra loud ringer (85+ dB) with 3-position ring volume switch let you know when your phone is ringing
    • Easy-to-see oversized keypad buttons make dialing easy
    • Ten (10) memory buttons hold up to 15 digits each for one-touch speed dialing
    • Works with Large Visual Display and Portable Printer

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